Sunday, 25 November 2007


I survived the weekend. Helped distribute christmas parcels in one of the Roma communities (yes I did say christmas parcels, but there are 3000, we have to start now or we dont get them all out)

There was ZERO creativity, however, I did discuss logistics of the re-usable shopping bags to sell on etsy so that I can raise funds for the charity.

My kindly mother and father brought oodles of fabulous fabric back from their trip for me. Very lovelly. I will (promise) post pics tommorow.

Right now I am going to bed. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and thanksgiving.


sew_vain said...

whoa. we're like....the same person.
(i'm sewvain on ravelry)

Rani said...

HI! We went to my husband's parents for dinner (we trade off every year between families). We're all close by, so not a lot of driving - which is nice.

The blue sock yarn is self striping! I LOVE IT, but it is a bit scratchy/wooly. Still. They'll be warm.

The heel goes like this. Slip first stitch, p across heel flap.

Next row: Slip first stitch then (K1, Slip one stitch - repeat this until the end of the row)

Repeat row one and two.

I don't know what the advantage is to doing it this way, but it fancies it up a bit. I hope that made sense. Let me know if it didn't and I'll try to find better instructions!

Tracy said...

Busy weekends all around! Looking forward to hearing more about your bags! Happy week to you ((HUGS))