Friday, 30 November 2007

Is it the weekend yet?

I have two very important things to do in this post, so bear with me and make sure you read it all.

Firstly, Pay it Forward

I recently participated in a 'Pay it forward'. In the next year from this post, the 3 of you who participate will receive a handmade gift from me. All that is required is that you promise to 'Pay it forward' yourselves, to 3 people. You have a year to do it and a year to send the gifts from the date you make the post.

If you would like to join in, and you think you can 'pay it forward' then please leave a comment before Friday (7th December) and I will draw out 3 names at random. (of course that is if there are more than 3 comments)

OK... secondly, There was one idea I thought I would ask an opinion about. What would you think of doing a sort of sock collection for the poor kids in Arad (where I work with a charity). It would involve, for one year, the collection of handknitted socks to give out next winter to very poor kids and poor families. I was thinking about starting a ravelry group and trying to get people involved ( i think I would wait till after christmas though) and then over the year, collect up socks and keep a note up of how many pairs we have. People would only need to knit one pair, but if several people knitted one pair we could give socks to really desperate people who have really cold feet. Like these kids....

It gets really cold here, the kids we work with don't live in what you can call houses, many in shacks that don't have doors or even proper walls. Most of them don't have winter shoes and the majority of them don't have socks.

Its just a really tiny way that lots of people can help to make a difference.

I hope you all have a lovely, warm weekend. See you on Monday.

EDIT: Dont forget 'pay it forward' for friday. I think that the point of pay it forward is not to force people to do such, merely for you to do your bit, and hope that others will do theirs. Feel free to leave your comments without worrying about the other end (paying it forward yourself), these are supposed to be 'random acts of kindness' so everyone has the same rights to them in my opinion and I would love to send any 3 of you a handmade gift from me.


Rani said...

That is a great idea for Ravelry! If you decide to do that, I'll post it on my blog and on my Ravelry page. I can't imagine being so cold (and it's -1 F today).

The "pay it forward" sounds like a fun idea. It's fun to get packages but it's sometimes MORE fun to make up a package for someone else, don't you think!?

Keep those toes warm!!

sew_vain said...

i think i'm intersted in "pay it forward" but i'm confused about what it is. but i still think i'm interested.