Wednesday, 7 November 2007

street smart

All that urban gorgeousness made me finally splash out on the patons street smart pattern book. Yes I may never have the knitting capability to finish one. Yes I may have to frog repeatedly. Yes I may be out of my depth but gosh-darn it I'll try!!

this is the one i am in love with...
The unfortunate truth is... even if I finish it perfectly, even if it is a masterpiece, my lifes work.... i still wont look as good as everyone else in it. fluff!

ok enough moping. oooh I am also waiting on my elizabeth zimmermann book... knitting without tears (how very apt) I saw a hat in it that I deeeeeesperately want. Its getting really cold here now too and i want to have my hat .... ok so I have others (many) that I could and probably should wear but the other one will be fabulous.

Progress on the advent calender...well... its now tablecloths.... i decided that the advent calender can be next years gift and this year they are having quilted christmas cloths. mmmm. so am about 1/2 way through number 1 of 2.

I am trying to only give handmade gifts wherever possible.

Hmm I think thats about all for now. Or at least, it should be. off for a cuppa


Rani said...

As a recipient of handmade gifts from crafty sisters and friends, they are - HANDS DOWN - my favorite. Your family and friends are very lucky this year!!

Good luck on that sweater. I, too, am a sweater virgin (EZ baby sweater doesn't count). I will look to you for inspiration ;-)

ps. Another AWESOME hat book is Hats On! by Charlene Schurch (maybe at your library?) But there really is no beating the grand MRS. Zimmermann!!

Adrienne said...

Hi and Welcome to the Blog Ring! I just started it two days ago, so it will take some time to get other members. I am looking forward to visiting you often and seeing what you are making!

I love the sweater! I hope it goes well.

Take care!

PS. My hubby loved the No Christmas Until Christmas sign!

Tracy said...

Handmade is the best! That sweater is fab! Have fun...And have a great weekend ((HUGS))