Wednesday, 14 November 2007

present progress

Top sheet for table cloth number one is complete. This one is more 'disorganised' there is no overall pattern except the alternation of green and red. The second of the two has a diagonal pattern as well as the green/red alternations. I like it. its cheerful.

In other (sock related) news... this is where we are :

Sorry about the poor pic quality. I am about to shape/turn (what d'you call it) the heel. We seem to have recovered well from frogging with minor injuries, hoping this time round with the heel goes better (thanks to a little advice from advanced sockers)

Am off to do more quilting. I want to get them finished and posted as they are for the aussies (mans side of the family).

1 comment:

Rani said...

That table cloth is so pretty! Whoever gets it will be so lucky.

The sock looks great!!! (Did anyone ever tell you to knit both at the same time? Good advice. I made a pair using the Monkey pattern and by the time I got around to the 2nd, my gauge had changed so dramatically, the sock was an entirely different size! Grrrrrr - talk about a big frog)