Tuesday, 13 November 2007

sock update

Ok, So here it is, as you can see I have som whoppers of holes here

You may also have notices some frogging going on.... yes.... back up to the leg to try again

see... look... more holes

Other than that though, I love it. Look how cool this wool is.

And my fabby ribbing work...

I love how this wool comes out. So i frogged a little and I will take a running start at the heel when I get to it again.

Thanks for the advice. I am not really sure how wrong I am getting it. I will see next time round.

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Tracy said...

I'm a sock novice still...my first pair knitted were tube socks, but I hate how they fits, so don't wear them. My first pair "real" sock didn't look too great...so I'm still working on it! Yours are looking great, and I love that fun, stripy yarn! Happy Day ((HUGS))