Saturday, 3 November 2007

Button button, who's got the button

I have been busy....

It took 2 hours..... but I managed it in the end. even more strangely I actually enjoyed it.

So, this is my button stash.

This makes me feel calm. The little compartments with all the different colours and categories.
mmmm order.

In other news.... this be my newest fing.

In about 10 years time (cause thats how long this will take to knit) this will be a top. I adore this wool, but its so fine and I am knitting on 3mm. It will be worth it though, such lovely colours.


Rani said...

The yarn is simply gorgeous. What will you be making with it? Yum!

Thanks for the jute bag 'recipe'. I have several friends who would appreciate this, too. I'd better get a-knittin'!

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I'm obsessed with buttons.... yours look really good all organised like that...
I've got mine in little glass jars and they look like a lolly shop took over the craft room.... yum!

The yarn looks gorgeous, too ...