Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursdays of doom

Its Thursday. I don't like Thursdays for a couple of reasons :

1. I have a really boring epidaemiology lecture in the after noon.
2. Its not quite Friday but it feels like it should be
3. (wost of all) I teach on Thursday nights.

Teaching is not so bad, however, it's the two hours with a little boy who has the attention span of a gnat thats tough. He's a lovely boy, great at speaking English and he's pretty smart too, it's just he finds the parrots / dogs / walls / outside noises/ anything more interesting than work. I need a white walled empty soundproof room to teach him in I think. The best bit of the lesson is that we read Enid Blyton together. Can't get enough ginger beer and lashings of cream.

Will post craft-wise later. Am off to psyche up for the lesson.


"Vis de Copil" (A Child's Dream) said...
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"Vis de Copil" (A Child's Dream) said...

just joking of course , it is very interesting. I myself am a professional knit wit!!!!