Sunday, 4 November 2007

String bag pattern

This was knitted back and forth as I dont know where i would get circular or double pointed 15mm needles. You can adapt it if you do...

\\ Just Jute //

You will need
1 x 200g ball of jute twine (available at stationers or supermarkets etc)
1 pair size 15mm needles

(all knitted in garter stitch)

cast on 13 st
R 1 : increase in every stitch (26 st)
R2 : kn
R3: increase in every stitch (52 st)
R4 - R24 : kn back and forth
R25 : kn 10 st, cast off 6st's, kn 20 st, cast off 6 st's, kn 10 st
R26 : kn 10st, cast on 6st's, kn 20 st, cast on 6st's, kn 10st
R27 : cast off.

When finished tie up the edges and bottom with a line of jute twine.

This is an easy knit. The garter stitch means that when it's empty the bag will spring into a smaller size and stretch when it's full. If you make sure you tie up the edges and bottom well then the bag will hold a great deal of weight without any signs of strain.


Rani said...

me again ;-)

cable needles:
Accessories Unlimited

They have a lot of cute stuff!

Tracy said...

Hello! Thanks so much for visiting me at my blog today! Your have a terrific place here. The pattern for a string bag is a good one. I like that you make and show all sorts. And I love your dog! Reminds me so much of my old Westie, Bailey. Something else that is great--your It's Not Christmas Til It's Christmas! Ahem... Happy Days ((HUGS)9

sew_vain said...

LOVE it!!!! it's a perfect grocery-getting bag!! i'm going to make one for my sister for christmas!