Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Well, part of the long silence has been due to our long awaited trip to Britain. Philip and I have not visited family and friends in Scotland together ever (I know, that's shameful isn't it?) and since we have a little girl, we thought it was high time we got ourselves over for a visit.

We drove all the way over with my parents... yes, that was a little nuts, but at least we got to see my grandfather, aunts and uncles and as many of our friends as we could squeeze into our short visit.

Rafaela loved meeting all sorts of new people and even though she was exhausted, I think she did benefit from it... OK so she probably didn't benefit from the lollipop someone gave her...

Philip got to enjoy a brief paddle in the sea

While Rafaela napped on the beach

We went to Loch Lomond with friends

We have loads of pics of Rafaela sleeping in different places, here are a couple of our favourites..

The beanbag nap

The Luton Airport nap

When we got back, it wasn't long till her birthday. Rafaela was 1 year old and decided it was the perfect time to start walking. She's been walking a week now and she's realized how much more convenient it is than crawling. It's really fun to watch he go. We'll post pics soon.