Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Finally a productive post!

Well, I've been merrily following all the lovely things other people have been doing but havn't managed to get round to posting about my FO's. I have momentarily misplaced the cable for my camera, which means I can't show pics of the Sun bonnet I finished for Rafaela, but I promise to do so as soon as I find the cable.

However, if you take a peek at my mini-etsy shop on the side bar, you can see what other things I have been up to. I decided to take up hand painting roving, some for personal use, as I cannot afford to buy it, and some to sell, so that I make a little money somewhere. I think it looks lovely, the pics arn't the greatest because etsy makes you shrink them down to load them up. This one is my favourite of all

I called it 'Stormy shore' and it's lovely soft Blue Faced Leicester. I really enjoyed dying them too.

Anyway, I'll hopefully post tomorrow with pics of the bonnet and maybe some other things I have been up to. Thank you all for your kind thoughts regarding the storm. We did have more bad weather but nothing else as bad as it was, thankfully. We havn't managed to fix all the damage yet, that's going to take a while.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Storm of the century

We had a huge storm today. It hit our little village with a force that no-one here has ever seen before, especially at this time of year. Our power was out all day, the rain beat so hard on our old windows that it eventually poured right through them and flooded our hallway. We heard terrible breaking sounds and cracking sounds, though we couldn't see what caused them until the storm settled a little, enough to go out and inspect the damage.

The storm blew our front fence over and knocked part of the roof on the main house off

It also blew the end off of our other out building

There are other minor bits and pieces, but we were blessed compared to our neighbors. The widow next door had a hole the height of my body in her roof and the courtyard was full of broken down trees (one of which had fallen through the roof causing the hole)

The other neighbor had the trees in front of their house blow down

and they had considerable damage to their roof, including the loss of their chimney.

The people on the street rallied to help one another. The old bachelor across the street had no damage to his house and came out to help us put the fence up temporarily (it will have to be replaced), he then went next door to help the old widow.

We live in a rural agricultural village, people without much money. They farm their land and raise their animals. this storm is a real blow for them, not only is there damage to their property, but, like us, they also have considerable damage to their food crops in the garden. Not only was there considerable damage today, but there are more storms predicted, so it will be a case of patching up as much as we can, securing everything and bracing ourselves for the coming weather.