Sunday, 11 November 2007

weekend and wool

Well, in terms of project completion, this weekend was not very lucrative. however, in terms of stash building :) it was ok. not a patch on rani's gorgeous haul though.

this little mix is to make some fetching and cosy wrist warmers.

this is the yarn my gran got for me... this will make fabby socks

this is the new simply knitting magazine with alan dart goodness in it

and this is all the work i got done

the new calculations for this piece are as follows

4 rows = 0.5 cm
4 rows = 1 hour of knitting

so new estimated time till completion = 160 hours

this means that in about 10 years i might have a lovely wool top.

The rest of the time was spent separating bickering little girlies, cleaning up after them and giving my sister moral support. Oh yeah... and the movie night. We watched 3 excellent films this weekend.

The lake house
: an interesting little film about love which develops over a 2 year time difference. It isn't all and easy solution and sickeningly soppy. It was really quite a good film.

The sentinel : Fabulous film about a plot to kill the president (um, that sounds bad, but i just love suspense)

Hollywoodland : It doesn't really go anywhere much it is interestingly done with flashbacks and present day (in the 50's) clips. We'd watch it again.

This reminds me... recently we watched the world's fastest Indian, which, while it's not a brand new film, was just great. Really love Antony Hopkins as an actor anyway and I think he just played the role perfectly.

Enough of my amateur film critique, I'm off to prep for tomorrow. Forensics first thing is definitely something you have to psyche yourself up for.

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Tracy said...

Ooooo...always great with a few new additions to one's stash! I like both of those yarns.. Not to worry, I didn't get any crafting done at all this past weekend...and I oddly don't feel at all guilty--LOL! Have a great week, my friend ((HUGS))