Thursday, 29 November 2007

As promised

finally, and a little late perhaps......
This is the lovelly fabric that I recieved recenly

And these,... well, these were a first attempt without a pattern. I am surprised they stay on his feet. I am now working through the kinks for my pair (wink). They were made with lovelly thick wool fabric, with an insulated sole.... very toasty

Man has big feet as you can see. He likes them and they keep his tootsies warm.

He subtly suggested that it might be time to finish sewing up the nativity as we might want to use it soon. And of course I have to finsih christmas presents for family. Busy busy busy.

Will be doing a pay it forward soon so if you are interested keep an eye open....

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Rani said...

OOooo! The fabric is so very Marimekko (I love that). TOASTY SLIPPERS! I wish I had a pair. The puppy chewed up my Uggs. UGH! Now I wander around in socks and cold feet.