Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Urban Chick!

Well, some of you may remember my long time work in progress .... urban aran (patons pattern)... well.... I sort of lost t, which of course puts a damper on the whole knitting side of things.... however, yesterday I finally thought to myself, this is stupid.... and rumaged around in packed and half unpacked boxes till I found it.

I had finished the back piece but when I looked at it yesterday and I remembered how cold the winter was this year, I though, "I think I would like it a little longer" so I unpicked it to the armhole shaping, then I tried to work out where I was in the cable panel... so frusgtrating, but finally I managed and it's now 2 inches longer and ready, once more, for armholes.

However, our best news of the day is this......

The first hachling on our little smallhold. Our hen has been sitting for a couple of weeks now and though we thought she was due at the weeked.... SURPRISE!

Is't it fab... heres a wee video too just because it's so amazingly sweet, he's only a few hours old!!

There are more chicks on the way too, she's sittng on a heap of eggs and there is 'cheeping' coming from under her. Very exciting, probably means I wont have time to knit today though as I have to keep nipping out to check for chicks!

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Rani said...

OH OH OH! I don't know where we left off, but I have been wanting my own brood for some time! I have gone so far as to read every book in the library on raising chickens and have toured two farms looking at coups.

Mr. Darling and I haven't agreed on this new addition to our family . . . yet.

Oh, he's darling! What fun! Way to get going on that sweater, too. Good luck and I'm sooo glad you're back!