Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Some finished objects...and more chicks

Well, I didn't get much done yesterday what with the chickies popping out of their eggs. We have 5 now, 2 of which I collected at 3 in the morning.... crazy huh? I set and alarm to get up and go check for chicks at 3am, I dont want them to be hurt by the other chickens or to get cold, as they aren't in a broody coop. Here's the entourage in full force

OK, so back to finished items.... Some socks I knitted. I love them. The wool is Yarntopia Treasures SW Merino Sock, colourway 'Brownstone'.

I would have modeled them on my feet, however, my ankles are pregnant lady ankles and the socks are not going to go on... lovely huh?

This sorry excuse for a finished object is a sweater vest knitted for my friends wee boy, same recipient as the spiral blanket. I am not fantastically happy with it, for numerous reasons, but I figure that the spiral blanket makes up for it.

And lastly, I have been doing a little spinning, and have managed to produce this...

...which at the moment is just an undyed wool blend, but we'll see what colour to make it later, when I finish spinning it all.


Rani said...

Cool- the yarn you spun is so consistently smooth! Someday. . . someday . . . I'm going to practice this week while I'm away on vacation.

Give the chicks a smooch from Minnesota! (ps what the hell do you do with the chicks in your house? Heat lamp? Box?)

marit said...

Great!!! You're back!!!
Love that spiral blanket, and the socks look good too. They will fit you once your little tenant has left for a more spaceious place... ;-)
Cute chicks too-I'd love to have hens again. My brother-in-law has a few, and he has about ten hens that would hatch this summer, so there are about 30 chickens...soooocute!

Take care.