Monday, 24 August 2009

Half-way through a shawl

I am officially the cast-on queen.... here's the most recent project, I'm already half way through it.

It's an altered version of the Drop Stitch Scarf by Christine Vogel. The idea was to make a shawl to use for breast feeding, I'm using the lovely brick oven rayon yarn that I bought a little while back from yarntopia treasures. The pattern is altered only in that I used a fingering yarn instead of sport or DK, and I cast on 136 stitches instead of 26.

The yarn really works well with this pattern, I love how it's working out.

Speaking of baby, he's due NOW..... no sign yet though, who knows, maybe I'll get the shawl finished before he shows up.

All this time at home with my feet up does my knitting the world of good!


Rose said...

ve the shawl, you clever thing , but then you clever at everything Love you x x x x x x

Rani said...

These last few days are the hardest! I was "overdue" with my first. I remember everyday thinking, THIS will be the day!!

Lovely shawl!

marit said...

Beautiful colours!
All my kids are born before "due date", but still those last few days were tiresome...

cashmerecafe said...

Ohhhh, I know how it is to wait after the due date. Hope the little one decides to greet you very soon. :) The shawl is very nice.