Thursday, 27 August 2009

Coral Cast on

Well.... day 2 overdue. I'm finished the shawl, thankfully and I think it looks lovely, this yarn really is superb for knitting pretty shawls... I'm even contemplating investing in some more to knit gifts for some other friends.

In the meantime, since baby hasn't shown up in the night, I thought I would cast on another Dropstitch project. This time dropstitch scarf just like the pattern calls for (though a teensy bit wider) for my sister. She really suits pink and this is another ball of rayon boucle, but not the silk stuff. It's laceweight, so again, not the sportweight that the pattern calls for, but it will look lovely in the end I hope. Here's the progress so far...

That second pic looks like pink spaghetti, or a pink birds nest, but it will be fine once washed and blocked I think (hope).

So that's all from us for the moment.... I'll just knit myself into labour, or insanity... we'll see which offer comes up first.


Anonymous said...

well done...they are well pretty!

Rani said...

The color of your sisters scarf is cool!

Gina said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog about Jacob. Hope baby arrives soon. All mine were 5 days overdue!