Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sunsets and stitches.

Well, firstly and finally, here it is... Lost in translation. I am really pleased its finished.

I blocked it this morning.

Every night, and I just never get the camera in time, just as the sun sets there are a couple of minutes when it hits the tiles on the building next door and it looks lovely.

I thought you might like a little sunshine.

Oh... and Its about time I inroduced another member of our little family. Hamish consideres him his arch nemesis... This is Pickwick who was keeping me company yesterday while I studied and then knitted.

He's a blue mutation of a ring necked parakeet.

Oh, and I've also almost finished the first of the slippers from the felted cloggs pattern. they are huge! Pics to follow.

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Tracy said...

The sweater is fantastic!! Really beautiful, and the yarn suits the pattern so well. You did a wonderful job there. Can't wait to see the clog slippers! Lovely sunset photo. The light changes so fast in the afternoon, it's hard to get things as they happen. Pickwick--what a great name, and what a gorgeous bird! Does he talk as well as sing? Happy week ((HUGS))