Thursday, 17 January 2008

Lost in a neckline

I know it sounds unreasonable, but I really want to finish this by saturday. This means that my man has endured me spending all my 'downtime' swearing at the knitting.

Still it has paid off, I am shaping the neckline
My next cast on's will be...

Fiber trends felted clogs

And.... oh my goodness.... a pair of socks....

I'm not known for my socks I know, but look at them, arnt they lovely? the pattern is 'Penllyn' by Lisa Parker.... how can I resist them. I'm glad that someone very sweetly sent me the patterns as a little trade off :).... though I think I got the better deal


Tracy said...

You're a knitting wonder thesedays! Can't wait to see the finished jacket, and I love, love, love the socks!! Really impressive--they are gorgeous and I love the yarn. Tell me how those clog slippers go. Happy knitting ((Hugs))

Sophie said...

Keep on the good work for the Drop pattern, I'm almost done with it... You can see it on Ravelry under my name "Sophie8" or visit my blog. If you have any issues with the pattern don't be shy to ask, maybe I can share my own experience with it.

Rani said...

It's gorgeous! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll finish it. I'm working on those damn clogs. They are very tedious, but they knit up fairly quick.

The color of that sweater is just so darn cool!

ps. Thanks again for all those awesome patterns! It's hard to get Alan D. patterns in the States for some reason. I actually had to write a LETTER (REAL SNAIL MAIL PAPER PEN LETTER) to order the elf pattern. SHeesh!