Sunday, 13 January 2008

Lost in translation

This is 'Lost in Translation', the drops top I posted about yesterday. I got the hang of it eventually and it's coming out nicely now.

I thought I would also post the drops jacket I completed at new year. I heavilly modified the neck. I think it turned out ok, plus I did a russian bind off on the neck which is stretchy and elegant. Overall very pleased.


Rani said...

That red/brown yarn is gorgeous! What is it going to be? (Was it obvious? Did I miss something?!)

Love the sweater.

Tracy said...

Love the finished jacket--great yarn! I love your collar treatment on this. Russian bind off...don't think I've done this technique. The Drops patterns are wonderful and offer a lot of knitting variety. Happy knitting...and hope you're feeling better! ((HUGS))