Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Progress and sunshine

Well, I haven't done much substantial knitting (and no sewing at all). I did finish the felted clogs though. The Man modelled them today...

Hamish loves to get in the way.

They are great, although I think the left one needs just one more felt for comfort and equality with the other.

I have been trying to knit the Penylln socks, Last night I thought it was going fabulously till about 4 row into the pattern I got to the end of a round and realised I had too many stitches left over and couldn't figure out for the life of me what had gone wrong. I pulled them back to the rib to start over and somehow lost 2 stitches .... didn't drop them, just, lost them.... I think I will just start over.

We've had cold weather but lots of sunshine, so, in the house, with the heating on, the sun coming through the windows is making it really warm. So warm that the plants seem to think it's spring...

My Ivy went on a mad growing spree and I have to keep picking its creepy fingers out of the walls. It is pretty though

And this is a very brave chilli that is determined to flower.

Urban Lanark is going well.

I think after knitting on a much smaller gauge for so long it shocks me how quickly it falls off the needles.

I love it though, the most I have to cable is 4 stitches so no sore fingers for me.

And the New Lanark wool is lovely, I really like it.

OK, so thats just about where I am at for now. The exams are going ok, though I have another biggie in a couple of days which is STRESSING me out.


cashmerelady said...

He-he. That's why I am not knitting any socks. It's terrifying to me. But I guess practice makes perfect, so, don't give up!

Tracy said...

The clogs look great!! And looks like you actually are doing a lot of knitting. Good luck with the socks! I bought a book to help me along with learning sock knitting--just need time to sit with the book and knit. Chin--you're going to do fab with your exam! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Rani said...

The clogs are great! So warm and fuzzy.

You are a knitting fiend! Go Go Go!

Rani said...

OOps. One more thing:

You've been tagged with the "You Make My Day" award on my little blog.


Queen of the froggers said...

Hamish and Pickwick are great! The yarn you are using for Urban Lanark looks nice, I have the shade cards so must get round to trying it sometime.