Tuesday, 15 January 2008


Today my man and I celebrate our anniversary. Like last year we will spend tonight in our favourite restaurant and smiling a lot. We've had a great year and the one that's coming for us will be even better. Neither of us could be happier.

However, until we go to the restaurant I will do some more of this...

Lost in translation, progressing nicely, in about 6 cm I will start the neck shaping. The one thing I will say is you need strong yarn and strong fingers for the cables. (Rani, the wool is some hand painted i bought from someone online no name. I thought since the pattern reminded me of foliage, I would use the wool that reminded me of foliage. I am using 2 strands)

In other news.... my new love ....

We affectionately call this one.... ball number one. (hand dyed, hand spun, plied)

It got better as I went on.... still my own dyed stuff... there is a better consistency in width

And this one is the last one from that batch of roving. I really loved learning to spin with it.

But this is what we love..... batch number 2, which I saved till I had done my practice roving.

The dark brown and the pale cream are natural colours, the caramel brandy in the middle is my natural dye experiment.... I first spun it this time, then I dyed the skein with onion skins. very easy, very nice colour, very cheap dye.

You may notice that the wool looks a bit more consistent and looks like something you could knit with. I think i am getting the hang of it.

My next step is from scratch, fleece, wash, card, dye, spin. I think it may take longer.

Exam went ok yesterday, results next week

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Rani said...

ok, first of all, is that coffee picture a fake? That is sooooo coooool! You should have it framed!

Next - LOVE LOVE LOVE all the yummy yummy yarn!

Glad to hear exams went well!