Wednesday, 16 January 2008

New Lanark


I ordered this wool last week (yes, just last week) from a mill in Scotland near where I grew up (they opened an online shop).

And it arrived already....

Check the label.... traditionally produced wool.

I ordered 'Woodland Haze' A green slightly flecked with browns and blues.

And hopefully, if it ever arrives, I will have the pattern for this

Which, I think, paired with the lovelly green aran will work out nicely.

I also ordered shade cards and will definately get more wool from them. If you are planning a jumper or something similar, lovely wool... I highly recomend them. Prices and shipping are really good.... new lanark mill

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alisonmc said...

Oooooh traditionally produced! There's something wonderful about the feel of yarn spun the old way don't you think? I'd love to try spinning myself but somehow I think anything I start would be destined for the unfinished project pile ;)