Tuesday, 18 March 2008

moving madness

OK, so it's been a week of silence... and then some before that too. Well, last week we found out that the landlord wants to sell the flat, so we have decided to make what was going to be our 'summer move' an 'in-a-months-time move' instead.

As you can imagine there is a lot to do when you have to pack up your house in a short space of time, the major of which, is de-junking.... wow the stuff piles up. We are also trying to think up meals to make out of whats left in the pantry and freezer.... which is fun and very organised... this weeks menu...

monday - black pudding and potatoe scones
tuesday - meat and potato curry (we have so many peas)
wednesday - chili con carne (we have tonnes of kidney beans)
thursday - chick pea curry (we have 2 portions from the last time stored in the freezer)
friday - lentil, pinto bean and cashew burgers (cause we froze the mix when we made it)

Other than that, the fact that we are moving into my folks place for a couple of months means that we have to decide, what do we need essentially and what can we put away till we move into out house.

In the meantime, we are having work done on our cottage. We were able to buy it outright last year and it has an acre of land with it too so we are really looking forward to moving in... which we will... after the honeymoon in october.

So, there are many knitting and sewing projects lagging (of course my knitting will count as essential item and not be packed) and my blog has become a sparse and infrequently updated mess.... I feel so boring!

There are many good points to the move, this flat is driving us nuts right now anyway, plus it is a lot less expensive to live in a house.

So, for boring-ness and silence I apologise, bear with me.


Rani said...

Well guess what. We'll wait for ya! Don't let the bloggy thing bug ya, just get your move-on.

You seem to have a 'curry' theme in your recipes. We don't eat much of that here in the midwest, but I do actually own a jar of curry spices and use it occaisionally (I can't spell that correctly!??!*$%#$). My neighbors call me Fancy Pants when I use it.

Good luck with the move(s).

Tracy said...

Such a lot you have going on PJ! I'm so sorry you're having to move so, so soon like this! Do hope all goes well and you'll be settled in a cozy new place soon! As Rani says, we're here, and we'll be waiting! :o) Be taking good care as you start a new chapter...Happy Easter weekend to you & yours ((BIG HUGS))

Rose said...

I do know exactly how you feel having moved house now 3 times in 14 months and I sympathise but you have age on your side , believe me it's alot harder when you are 66 yrs. old. Good luck and if I can help in any way I will. love you Gran x x x x x x x

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