Monday, 3 March 2008

Hot water.... at last

Well, that hot water pipe that burst over a week ago now was fixed last night when my fabulous father (jack of all trades) turned up last night and said.... "oh, you still dont have that fixed... hang on, my tools are in the car"

Fantastic.... now there is hot water coming from the tap in the kitchen!

I paid him back with cream cheese and parma ham toasties.

As the gals of the sock year know, I have not finished my feb socks.... though, I am here

My progress on all things is slightly hindered by this delightful bout of flu I have. I gave in and went to the doc today, so it must be bad.


TrüSka said...

Hi there!
Your socks are a work of art, and i fell in love with that kilt you did... very beautifull work!
Kisses from Portugal : *

Lesley said...

Ooooh those socks are looking lovely!! I must teach myself to knit socks.
So glad you have hot water and heating again. Father's-in-law can be very useful people to know :)


Tracy said...

Hot water--HOORAY! The looks are looking great, love the color way of the wool. Be taking good care and get well soon. Thank so much for stopping by to see me :o) ((HUGS))