Wednesday, 12 March 2008

7 random things...

I think it's probably the first time someone tagged me to do anything like this, but Arja tagged me with the '7 random things' meme, so here they are...

1. I'm pretty much willing to try anything and usually once I have started something I am determined to finish.... eg. it meant I abseiled down the side of a hospital for a lung cancer foundation

2. It's said I am a 'strongwilled' person.... a nice way for those who love me to call me a stubborn ass.

3. I lived in India and then Pakistan when I was small.

4. I have a real Marmite addiction.

5. Sitting in the grass at sunset on a warm day is heaven to me.

6. I love being in the operating theater and all that it entails, it's where I feel most at home. I am not faint or weak at the site of blood or bits, and while I started medicine with a leaning towards pediatrics, I am finishing with a most definate desire to be a surgeon.

7. I absolutely adore australian wildlife, especially wombats.

Not fabulously interesting, but certainly random. I would add that I am a complete and utter tea addict and that I cant function without it, but, that's not really a random fact.

I am supposed to tag 7 people... I wouldnt want to force you, but please, if you read this and you feel you are up to it...consider yourself tagged (you know who you are!!!).

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Senja said...

Fun to read about blog friends, What kind of surgeon are you thinkin of becoming?