Sunday, 17 February 2008

Valentines day and birthdays

Well, of course, we had a fabulous valentines day

My Darling gave me a bouquet of these

then dinner in our favourite restaurant.... it's not our favourite for nothing.

After a beautiful starters and mains delivered with fabulous service from one of our favourite waitresses, our desert came with compliments from the house ... we were flattered... and they came like this....

tiramisu (the best in the world) with big chocolate hearts....


My baby sister turned a terrifying 18 on Friday (yes she missed being a valentine baby by 20 mins) so we went through to my folks place to personally wish her happy birthday and to help my folks set up for her party. We didn't stay of course (we dont really fit in with all those young people) but she had a great time... really pleased because she definately deserves it.

On saturday our little feint of spring ended and it dropped back down to about -10 (celsius) and a blanket of white stuff fell....

Which makes an already incredible landscape.... unimaginably still and quiet

We took a couple of snaps from the train, it was so picturesque

A trully lovely weekend


Anonymous said...

Ooh, the landscape looks never ending and truly peaceful. Train seems to be the perfect way of making a travel through this kind of scenery. So romantic.

Tracy said...

Roses and cake...sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day! So glad you and a wonderful time. It looks lovely where you are...even with a coat of white snow icing...Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

sew_vain said...

i'm glad you had a geat v-day! sory i havent been around for a while (the thing with the internet is that you have to pay the bill in order to be connected!! my bad. hah! i'm so bad with paying bills!) it's nice to be back-and what a lovely message to have waiting for me!

i'm blad we're blogger friends!

sew_vain said...


Rani said...

I can see a lovely lady sitting on the train with her forehead pressed against the window and a smile on her face (oh, and knitting in her lap). It sounds like a very nice week/weekend.

Stay warm. My feet are blue.

ps. we're of to the North American Birkebeiner race and I'll be out of touch for a bit.