Thursday, 28 February 2008

Birthday quilt

Ok, so this is what I have really been working on, now that it's been gifted away to my wee sister for her 18th.

It's pretty huge so it's not all in this pic...

She said she liked it.... she's a pinky girlie girl

These are some of my favourite squares from it

I also had to learn how to do the binding.... I did OK but also learned alot.

I actually found it difficult to be totally honest, Not the task itself, but keeping going to get it done. I mean of course I love the outcome and I wanted to make something lovely for Annie but I hated sewing hundreds of little lines, it became very tedious very quickly. But I suppose that's part of the love wrapped up in it, the task itself makes the quilt special.

OK I will stop rambling and get off. I am really feeling pretty ill so sitting it out today and going to finish my beret and see where I get.

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Tracy said...

Wonderful quilt! I love the progression of colors, the blues flowing down to the reds/pinks. I think you did a great job on the binding--I find that the hardest part of quilting. Working on a quilt myself at the moment, I'm trying to keep the momentum going to get it done! I know you sister will LOVE this quilt--how can she not?! Happy Day ((HUGS))