Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Trip to the park

It was so pretty at the park I tried to get a pic of the dog. I have about 20 failed attempts but we did get 2 wee beautys

We like to think we can tire him out (silly owners) by taking him to an enclosed park where he can run in circles chasing grass to his little hearts content.

But it's not an entirely wasted trip

Progress is slow but steady on current knitting projects...

I even have a finished object.... Penllyn Socks which I knitted in my 'famous' non-descript mixed wool handpained stuff (leftovers from lost in translation) I am almost sick of knitting with it, but I feel the need to use it up... the man was muttering something horrible about wool not needing purchased till stash is used up....

Urban Lanark plods on, I have almost finished the flank detail (back). I still havnt decided to make it a jumper of a cardigan. Of course my most challenging problem was that I kept having to undo rows, thinking, 'there are purls where there should be knits' . Finally it struck me that if you go B-A-C for the panels one way, you cant do B-A-C on the way back accross... D'oh!

What's knitting a shawl like... any hints?


Rani said...

woops. I'm a bit behind in reading my blogs! I love the puppy pics. What a darling!

Using up your stash?! Bah! You are an 'arteest'. One cannot limit oneself to old used yarn. New inspiration must be obtained!

Tracy said...

You dog is such a sweetie! All your knitting is fabulous! Those socks are so cheeful--make for happy feet I'm sure! :o) Shawl knitting is something I'm easing into. I made a triangular shawl in mohair in simple garter stitch to get the feel. Looking forward to working something more complex before long. Sorry, that wasn't much help though, was it?! LOL! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

My first time here at your blog...found via my daughter Tracy at "pinkpurl". I just wanted to tell you how adorable your dog is! And, your parrot, my, what a beauty. You make some lovely things. Carol