Friday, 8 February 2008

Monster sock and fabric bomb

Well, this was our miserable start to the day (we washed the white dog last night so of course it rained this morning)

Soon brightened up though with a bit of toe shaping to carve out monster sock number 1

With pretty heart detail down the top of the foot

I quickly read this great article and thought I would give the shawl a try, based on the nice and easy prinicples... it's working. (I simplified the design to be literally the basics)

As you can see the laptop had become the new stage for my knitting show, partly because I am lazy, and partly because my other stage (couch) looks like this...

...I call this piece 'The thought process'.

Oh and of course study, but that doesnt make for interesting pics at all.


Tracy said...

Great knitting! Poor sofa though...I bet it's feeling claustraphobic about now--LOL! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

sew_vain said...

(1) that sock is adorable!!!

(2) my couch pretty much looks like that all the time! i finally found a basket in the closet to put next to the couch-i don't want husband to get mad!

(3) that shall is lovely! i'm actually working on one of my own-crocheting. i bought a starter book on crocheting so i figured i'd give it a try. it seems like it's taking a lot longer than knitting but i love all of the beautiful lacey stitches you get from it. i haven't crocheted in like 15 years but i picked it up prett quickly. i'll post pictures later.