Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Vintage Stripes

OK... so here's a wee pic of the finished jumper...on me... eek

Here's the only bit I dont like

A wee squiggle on the neck.... but it's fine, it's not so bad that I plan to unravel the lot... I especially love the long sleeves and it's going to be nice and cosy when we are tucked up in our little cottage this winter.


Rani said...

WHOA! You're back with GUSTO! I have to go catch up on your last few blogs!!!

Welcome back and CONGRATS on all your travels, graduations, weddings!!

I sent the socks yesterday. . . a bit late! I sent the package to your folks.

marit said...

Hi! What a great sweater! Love the colours of it!
Thanks for your ice comment on my blog:-) I'm on ravelry(maritko), but haven't given myself enough time to explore it yet...
Have a lovely weekend.