Thursday, 20 November 2008

Back in business

Well, winter is rolling in and the frost is heavy in the mornings. The days are short and crisp making everyone scurry around quickly about their business to get it all done and get home to the fireside. We're not immune to this scurrying and we always feel a little desperation as the sun starts to set and the days work isn't done.

However, long cold nights wrapped up indoors leads to lots of knitting.... I'm proud to present my first knitting in months ....

These are the sleeves of the jumper I am almost finished knitting..... I LOVE the wool. It's Cleakheaton 'Vintage hues' from a sale in a Sydney wool shop. I decided to just knit a very plain v-neck to emphasise the fabulous striping.

You may also recognise those needles..... yes.... I finally have my very own knit picks! I havn't photographed them yet, but I will. I just have the small started pack with 3 wires and 3 needles, though I bought an extra pair.

So in Sydney I had a little adventure in a wool shop.

pics from Morris and sons themselves

Thankfully they had a couch, which homed the hubby for the duration of the adventure. They had 30% sale on everything (yes, everything) including the knit picks. I bought 40 balls of wool..... um.... it came in packs of 10. I bought the vintage hues for me and then the other 20 were this.....

This is for the mans jumper...nobbly curly stuff.... I love it (thought not as much as my own)

I also had an adventure in a wool and fabric shop in france (it really was an adventure) couldn't understand anything and couldn't explain that I wanted the book I had seen in the window. In the end I took the lady out of the shop and pointed to the book in the window, and smiled a lot. It was a tiny little shop with every surface filled with shelves of fabric and wool and with racks of crosstitch, tapestry, patterns, tension squares, name it, it was stocked there somewhere. With barely enough room to maneuver, I purchased this....

It's just gorgeous and I cant wait to start something from it.

Unfortunately my little shop stands startlingly empty, I have not had time to do anything to sell there. Not only that, but I can't see anything happening for a while yet as christmas is round the corner and I plan to make some gifts. Not to mention that lovely nativity that I STILL havn't finished. Oh dear. Looks like, once again, I am all outta time.

OK, today I am off to paint our bedroom. We ought to have the power turned on today too (fingers crossed) and then soonish (in a couple of weeks) we should be living out there. In case you forget what out there is, this is the acre we stand on...

Oh... and we need to get some firewood too.

Much to do, and we are going to host christmas (with a big fat goose) hopefully. Better hop to it, catch you later.

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