Tuesday, 18 November 2008

I'M BACK ! ! !

Well... hello !

So, it's been ages and to be honest, I don't know where to start. I gave up all craft and knitting for the whole time I have been away, knowing I needed to devote the time to my work and planning the wedding.

SO... I handed in all my final papers, sat all my final exams and now I am officially Dr. PJS. It's been a really long hard 6 years, but there we go, it worked. I was also accepted to specialise in Reconstructive Surgery, which I will hopefully begin before this year ends.

This was us at the graduation....

2 weeks after the graduation, we got married. We'd been engaged almost 2 years, but we had wanted to wait until after I graduated to get married. So on the 11th of October we tied the knot in a beautiful church in Arad. Here are a couple of pics (we still havnt seen them all)

Me with my girls

My man and some of his family (mum, dad and one of his sisters)

Me and my dad (right before I stumbled on the dress, didnt fall over though, no worries)

We had guests from Britain and Australia, which was lovely, as well as all our Romanian friends. My only complaint is that it was all over too soon.

We nipped off to a wee picturesque village in France for our honeymoon and then on to another part of france to meet up with friends, and finally, we did the long haul out to Australia and spent a few weeks there. We got back tired and a little dishevelled on Sunday night. And now we are back in business.

I'll post on my latest knitting later and will catch up with all the blog reading I have missed later.

Bye for now...


cashmerecafe said...

Hi! Congratulations on bothe - finishing your school and getting married. Photos from your wedding look great - especially the one with little girls. Cute.
I wish you a lot of happy hours in your marriage - time flies and we have to use it for important things in our lives. Love is one on the top of my priority list :)

I am looking forward to your new posts! Have fun.

marit said...

Welcome back! you've been missed:-)
Congratulations with both exams and wedding. Take care!