Sunday, 9 December 2007

Pay it forwards

Ok... so not many people were interested... free gifts obviously just wern't appealing enough.... maybe next time I should offer free pints of blood with the free gifts, however.... 3 lucky (term used losely) ladies did respond. So... sewvain, Tracey and Rani, Please send me an address so that I may rain handmade gifts upon you :)

In other news... I'm trying to upload the new items into etsy which takes an age. I love making the stuff, it's relaxing.

Almost finished (halfway through) my EZ tam-o-shanter.... I got this gorgeous soft wool to knit with and mmmmmmm I love it in a lovely smokey grey.

Anyway, I had better get on.

more to post tomoro (hopefully) sorry this was a bit on the boring side.


sew_vain said...

OMG! i'm so sorry!! i've been so busy lately that i haven't checked your blog!

how does this work, exactly? do i make something to send you as well?

send me your email address and i'll send you my address.
(my email is mklipfel(at)radford(dot)edu

sew_vain said...

and i hope you have a great holiday!!!!!!