Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Christmas dough

I promised my little english student that in the last few lessons before christmas we would do conversational english for the last half of each class, over a fun christmas activity.

Last week we made paper chains.

Today we made dough ornaments for the tree. This is the last batch going in...

The big blobby thing that looks remarkably un-christmas like is in actual fact this fellow here.,...

Sorry about the picture quality, glossy books are hard to photograph. My english student hasnt really shown much enthusiasm towards anything we have read till I found one of these old books and thought I may as well give it a go. Last week we read Mr Rush and he loved it. So for this week.... Mr greedy. Student even did extra unrequested homework... pics of mr greedy with a little blurb about him in english below. I'm so impressed.

so. I am making the squiggly dough monster tonight (instead of going to bed like i should), while student is gone to surprise him tomoro when he comes. Hopefully it will be painted and dry by then.

Oh yes... and extra stars for good measure.

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Tracy said...

love your cookies..even the squiggling one! I've been doing some baking too this week. Happy baking, eating and getting on with the English. Happy Days ((HUGS))