Thursday, 15 July 2010

Outbacktus and Caera Christmas

Ok.... so I realised I never posted pics of the Outbacktus (lacy baktus) when it was finished, so here we are...

I love how it came out, it's a gift for someone.... and I don't really ever want to knit another one, it seemed stupidly difficult considering how uncomplicated the pattern is.

I also thought I would explain a little why I don't really knit (or blog) these days...

This is what just one wee section of my livingroom looks like after 10 minutes with Rafaela... Oh and she's making a quick getaway to mischief elsewhere... Multiply that by a house and you see my point.

All that said, I was feeling a little crazy last night, so I cast on a christmas knit. I would like to make a few knitted gifts for christmas presents so I thought I would get started (though, whether I get it knitted in time is another thing entirely)

This is the Caera Cowl which I am knitting in new lanark donegal silk tweed granit and cobalt. I love cables, I love how beautiful they make knits, but this was a prime example of why I should check out the instructions of a pattern more clearly before I commit to a knit. This is the description of one of the cable patterns

"C5B _ Slip next 4 stitches on cable needle and hold in back, K1; slip 3 of the 4 stitches on the cable needle back into the left hand needle; then (before knitting the stitches) bring the cable needle with the last stitch to front between the needles, passing to the left of the yarn: then k3 stitches from left hand needle; then knit last stitch from the cable needle."

Talk about a pain in the needles.... looks like I might have to concentrate a little while I knit this. Still, at least it's a cowl and not a whole jumper!


Rani said...

Look at that mess (my house looks like that without babies careening about!) But you just can't get upset with a darling like that.

Congrats on finishing the Baktus. Check that one off your list.

Happy knitting!
ps. that cable narrative made my head hurt.

Mike said...
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