Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September, slippers and scarf

Well, the baby still hasn't come, a whole week overdue, I can hardly believe it, all that's happening is that I am getting larger and moodier.... well, that and some knitting.

This last couple of days have been a washout, obviously. I have acheived nothing but sat and knit to occupy my time. This means I have finished the dropstitch scarf. This is it washed and blocked and the colours look super, I hope she'll like it.

When I finished the scarf, I realised I had nothing to occupy my fingers, so I cast on a pair of felted cloggs last night (my gratitude to Rani for that pattern is unlimited). I got out the 9mm needles and realised that they were broken, so I used my 8mm needles, which of course was going to mean they would knit smaller slippers, so I knit the large instead of medium. I also didn't use the yarn the pattern called for, worsted weight, I used DK and held it double strand, they look right, so hopefully they will felt up nicely.

..... they are finished too (other than felting), so I'll have to cast something else on tonight, since the baby has shown no signs of appearing.

My Father in Law will be laid to rest on Thursday, we obviously wont make the funeral in Australia, so it's going to be a hard week.

Thanks for all your kind words and kind thoughts, I can't tell you how much it means to me.

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marit said...

It is tough not to be able to share the sadness "in person". Thinking of you.

You've done some great knitting. Hope that little bump of yours decides to make his(or her...) appearence soon;-)