Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Baby bags and bags of baby

Well, I said I would get on and blog the baby bag I made last week for Rafaela, since she's currently napping next to me, I thought now would be a good moment. The real problem was I couldn't find a baby bag in the shops around town and the one that I did find I thought, I can definately make a better one than that, so I did. I had this absolutely gorgeous heavy fabric that my Mother in Law kindly posted over to me, so I put some of it to good use.

Everything fits in nicely and my husband isn't entirely embarassed to hold it either as it doesn't have pink bunnies or fluffy bears on it... which is great because I'm finding that you quickly run out of hands with a little baby.

This is the knitting that I managed to accomplish while I was in labour. I had a 'false labour' before the actual labour, so I had a lot of time knitting. This is my first fair isle attempt, and I think it's not too bad for something knitted between contractions. I only have one mitt completed and who knows when the other will be done!! (This is the pattern and the wool is New Lanark donegal silk tweed)

Of course, I have to post a couple of pics of our wee girl, she seems to be settling into things nicely and she likes to nap which is great.

She's napping on a blanket that her great-great-auntie Betty crocheted for her. My great aunt crocheted one almost exactly the same for me when I was born, so it's really special to have one for Rafaela too.

Anyway, I had better nip off and hang some washing while the milk monster naps, I am reading blogs, even if I am not commenting, I can manage to read while I breast feed, but not type (funnily enough)


marit said...

The babybag looks great, the mitten too- and I'm sure you'll get the second one done too soon!- but your masterpiece is still Rafaela!

Rani said...

Makes me want to have another baby. She is so beautiful.

If I send you some fabric, will you whip me up some curtains? Just kidding. I have been balking at my sewing machine. I'm not sure how to turn it on.

Anonymous said...

Just a gorgeous baby! I love the bag too, it looks nice and roomy.

Linda said...

leafyknits was me by the way!! Sorry.

Marie-Jolie said...

Guess what? You won the contest on my blog! Please email me your address and I'll get the parcel ready to ship. Write to me at: leafygreenes@gmail.com