Monday, 29 October 2007

Drops jacket and Christmas laws

This is going to take me forever. After a good couple of hours work.... this is all I can boast about

I am begining to wonder if its worth it anymore... maybe I should just put it aside till late winter to have for spring and get on with my christmas gifts. ... oops and the nativity.

I am having a no christmas till christmas blog protest. I dont want christmas related excitement on my blog till after the 6th of december. Thats Mos Nicolae here, (or St Nicolaus day) when Mos Nicolae (Old man Nicolaus) comes and leaves sweets in the shoes of good children and sticks in the shoes of naughty children. Its lovelly. But for me, thats the start of the christmas season. Other than the brief mention of gift progress I will be otherwise christmas free!

You are welcome to join me (let me know if you do). I am not in any way anti-christmas. I just hate that they try to force it on us everywhere at the end of october.

Alright. Rather a long post after a little lazy week last week. Will be better this week.

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Tracy M. said...

I have to completely agree with you on Christmas. By the time it comes around you are so tired of it being pushed down your throat you don't even care anymore.