Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Fun with the olympians

I was given the opportunity (by invitation) to go to Bucuresti and be a part of a ceremony for the Olympians who won medals. Bucuresti is a long way away but I really couldn't turn it down.... I have followed our gymnasts avidly though the Olympic games, being able to personally thank and congratulate them in person was a golden oportunity.

So I'm absolutely exhausted after my little jaunt off to Bucuresti. I left at 4am on Tuesday morning, arrived at 5pm, function at 6pm, then back to the station to get a train at 12.30am and arrived back in Arad, Wednesday 1230pm.
Not surprising that the folks there said I was crazy. 
However, it meant I  got to meet the gymnastics team. Here's a pic of Nadia and I with our gold medal winner, Sandra Izbasa

I look a little crazed due to sleep depravation.

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Rani said...

Fun! You are a crazy girl. And when did that darling little baby arrive on the scene?