Monday, 23 July 2012

Can I come back to blogland please??

So, probably no-one reads my blog any more.... but then, I havn't updated in 2 years so it's not surprising.

So, 2 years down the line, we have another child, Nadia, she's a bare 9 weeks old and thriving. Rafaela is a noisy (almost) 3 year old who is raring to go morning till night.

We are still living our busy life here in Romania, though, it has been busier with 2 little ones.... and we thought one was bad... ha ha.

Anyway, in celebration of my return to blogging, we will be having a givaway with some fabulous software from My Memories.... more on that next time.

Short and sweet but hopefully the first of my return!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, it´s nice to read from you :)

fenci said...

What about four kids? I have four now, what do you think about that? Welcome back - do you knit any more?

Rani said...

HA! I'm here! Welcome back. Funny. I have not been blogging much lately, either. Gets busy with kids, right?

No more kids here. Just our three. Our dog died - got a new one. Still knitting, gardening, and maybe learning to spin on a wheel.

Welcome back!