Thursday, 21 January 2010

Spinning, snow and snoozing

Well, I finally managed to get some pics of my latest spinning adventure. I won this lovely fiber in a giveaway on Phatfiber before christmas.

which has spun lovely colours

I was looking through my piles of pics and I thought I would post this...

One of my baby pics... followed by one of Rafaela

My wee girlie... she's much older than I was in my pic... in fact, I can hardly believe she is almost 5 months old now.I took this one of her last night while she snoozed on her daddy's arm... it amazes me how much she has grown.... she's so long!

And her favourite pastime is eating her fists...

We've had freezing fog, which is beautiful, but impossible to photgraph and then its started snowing again yesterday and hasn't stopped yet, but thankfully it's not been as cold and the pipes have not frozen again like they did before christmas.


marit said...

She's beautiful!
Sorry about your weather...just hope the water doesn't freeze again for you, and that you get plowed out.
Love the colours of your spinning! Really pretty.

Rani said...

I just want to kiss those chubby little arms. Oh, she's darling! (like her mother's picture)

The spinning is GORGEOUS! So fine and even! What will it become?

lynne said...

I love reading about your life in Romania,you must be very organized to fit so much into your busy schedule. Thank you for posting all the pictures. Your spinning and knitting is lovely and your little girl is so adorable. I think she looks just you!