Friday, 10 July 2009

M I A.....

Well... I'm not really missing, but we don't have internet at our home so I never get online, not only that but my trusty lappy finally gave up on me and I have to beg borrow and steal computers just to check email.

However, I have been promised faithfully by the net company that they will be coming next week to hook me up..... and they don't lie... right? (never mind that this will be the 4th time they tell me they are coming to install in 6 months!)

So all being well, I should be back to my little blog in no time, with a few surprises!! See you soon!


marit said...

LOL! Never trust the internet people...;-)
Anyway, I hope you get a connection soon- I miss you!

Rani said...

Woohoo! Then we'll be seeing you soon!